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The balance between life and death is a subject that constantly intrigues us all, and precisely for this reason a group of artists, including students and professionals from the University of Costa Rica, took on the task of investigating the subject through the theater in an interdisciplinary project.


Interdisciplinary Project of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Costa Rica, involved the Schools of Plastic Arts, Music, Dramatic Arts and University Dance. (2017)

In the play you will meet Alma, a girl who lives with her family and awaits the arrival of a little brother: Juli. However, lately strange pains afflict the mother of the little ones and it seems that this meeting is about to be frustrated. Suddenly, while the grandfather is saying good night to Alma, a particular character appears and with him a ship that will take them on a magical journey to the underworld to meet Juli.

This project had the support of the Vicerectory for Social Action of the University of Costa Rica within the framework of the Student Life Camps project. With this, he toured Puntarenas, Turrialba and Guácimo, San Ramón. He was also part of the "Fair of the Arts" of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Costa Rica.

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