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Two characters traveled the sea mounted on a trunk. They have prepared a story that narrates the adventures of a boy and a cat pretending to tell it when they arrive in a foreign land. But their emotions and memories will be mixed with the story and we will discover that they carry something else among their objects. Only a true collector of memories will be able to figure out how to change the course of this story.  

It is a montage that we dedicate to all families, in which through the magic that simple things have, we seek to give a voice to those who cross the sea today to seek a better quality of life in the face of adversity in their country.

Art Team


Dramaturgy and direction: Allan Fabricio Pérez

General Production: Insomniac Art

Associate producer: National Theater of Costa Rica – Vargas Calvo Theater

Cast season 1

Karla Barquero, Melvin Jiménez and Manuel Calderón

Cast season 2

uis Ernesto Solís, Vivian Bonilla and Malory Grillo

Musical composition: Rodrigo Oviedo

Set design: ARTico - Julián Elizondo (Season 1) and Daniel Bermúdez (Season 2)

Puppet making: Lucía Gonzáles (season 1) Arte Insomne (season 2)

Costume designer: Diana Elizondo

Rehearsal space: House 210

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