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The letters that weave my dramaturgy emerged from the dawn; of those nights where you can't sleep because thoughts flutter until they become words and stories where the characters want to move the world.

Historias y golosinas


Illustrated family literature

Published by Editorial POIESIS 2022

Written by: Allan Fabricio Pérez

Illustrated by: Sofía Benavides

This illustrated family book brings together a series of short stories and free verses from a fun and dreamlike perspective. With this we intend to unite families and that in the peculiarities of these characters friendship, dreams, diversity and freedom resonate. This is a time together to devour stories.


"Violeta is breathing by gills"

Pablo discovers his little daughter Violeta inside the bathtub, but in her a particular sensation makes this bath different; the girl firmly believes that she is a fish. Several silences are hidden in the water of this story, a sea of memories and thoughts that flood Pablo's head.  Julieta, her best friend, will investigate her mind; while Ana, a psychologist, in the limbo of thoughts, will try to revive some memories.


Winner of the XVI Unpublished Dramaturgy Contest of the National Theater of Costa Rica 2020.

Published by Editorial Costa Rica 2021

Download excerpt / Spanish



Published by Editorial Tinta in Series #36, 2017

This play is made up of scenes that may or may not tell a love story. Between shades of joy, pain and confusion, two characters try to get to know each other. In a game of masks and manipulation. 


Family theater / Published by Editorial Tinta in Series #36, 2017

Frappé is a pet dog that wanders on a city street. In the middle of his journey he will meet Chai and Mocha, stray dogs, who will teach him street survival tricks and together they will share new dreams and desires while discovering that Frappé is hiding something from them.

Download excerpt / Spanish

Download excerpt


"Valentin, sing a song while the clouds still here"


A notebook from Grandpa will take little Valentin into a trip to visit heaven; using the magic of time, he will investigate the whereabouts of his missing parents, but the clouds of memories are dense and hide more than he can imagine.

Family Theater / 2019 / Winner of the 1st Children's Dramaturgy Contest of the Teatro Universitario 2019

Download excerpt / Spanish


"The hare that it all believes"


Before the mysterious appearance of a banana: a hare, a raccoon and a monkey will debate who should have the power. Can they do it without cheating?

Family Theater / Winner of the 1st Unpublished Children's Dramaturgy Contest of the Teatro Popular Melico Salazar  2018

Download excerpt / Spanish


"Little Alma's chronicle"


This is the story of Alma,  a girl who lives with her family and awaits the arrival of a little brother: Juli. However, lately strange pains afflict Alma's mother and it seems that this meeting is about to be frustrated. Suddenly, while the grandfather is saying good night to Alma, a particular character appears and with him a ship that will take them on a magical journey to the underworld to meet Juli.

Family Theater / Interdisciplinary Production of the Faculty of Arts of the Universidad de Costa Rica, 2017

Download excerpt / Spanish

For more information:

Independent productions of my dramaturgy

Costa Rica:"Frappé una historia de perros" - Produced by "Escena Escalante" under the direction of Andrea Oryza. 2019.

Costa Rica: "Valentín, cantá una canción mientras las nubes sigan ahí" - Produced by the children's theater project of the School of Dramatic Arts of the Universidad de Costa Rica, under the direction of Cristina Arce. 2021.

Argentina: "La liebre que todo lo cree" - Produced by Nirvana Producciones and the José Cipolla theater group in Argentina under the direction of Anibal Bertoni. 2021.

Costa Rica: "Desconoci2" - Produced by La Cebolla - Directed by Michelle Almendares. 2022.

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