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Frappé, una historia de perros!

The play  tells the story of Frappé, a pet dog that wanders on a city street. One morning, his routine changes when Mocha and Chai (stray dogs) teach him more than one doggy street survival trick and together they discover dreams, desires and lots of fun.

The work exposes a current Costa Rican problem: animal abuse and abandonment.  The montage denounces that  many animals are abandoned by their owners and experience health problems or  are victims of traffic accidents. The staging calls the viewer's conscience to responsibly adopt and denounce all kinds of animal abuse.



Creation and direction

allan perez



Frappe – Harvey Monestel

Mocha – Karla Barquero, Shirley Benavides

Chai – Javier Montenegro,  allan perez


original music

Francis Cascante


Technical assistance

Luis Ernesto Solis



Sleepless Art CR


Photographs: Esteban Gomez



National Theater of Costa Rica – Vargas Calvo Hall, University Theater, Las Moiras, Diana Elizondo.

This project had presentations in: Teatro Vargas Calvo, Teatro Universitario, Teatro Atahualpa del Cioppo, Teatro Nacional de Costa Rica, Teatro Espressivo. And he participated in the International Festival of Arts in Costa Rica 2017.

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