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Stage direction of this project under the initiative of the Municipal Education and Training Institute of the Distance State University (UNED) within the framework of the celebrations of the Bicentennial of Independence of Costa Rica.


In this project I worked on the stage direction and costume design.



Staging: Allan Fabricio Pérez.

Direction assistance: Yingry Rodríguez.

Dramaturgy: Raquel Hernández.

Production: Gloriana Vega and Esau Cubero.

Cast: Cristina Bruno, Mercedez Gazel and Alejandra Portillo.

Audiovisual Cast: Fernando Fallas, Andrey Ramírez, Leonardo Perucci, Jonnie Obando, Ana Saravia, Johanny Hernández, Luis Diego Solórzano.

Lighting design: Alejandro Flores

Scenography: Alejandro Mendez

Musical Composition: Rodrigo Oviedo

Projection design: Gustavo Abarca

Makeup and Hairstyle: Adri Alvarado.

Costume design: Allan Fabricio Pérez

Sewing: Roxana Vega Monge


Photography: Helen Hernandez


Interview for Radio Universidad about this theatrical project.

Hijas del pueblo

Hijas del pueblo

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Promotional materials for the play "Las hijas del pueblo"

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