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What is the play about?

A hard-working hare, a particular raccoon and an ambitious monkey finds a mysterious but wonderful golden banana. Together they must make a difficult decision: who should keep the delicious fruit? In this story you will find conflicts between ambitions and some strange electoral campaigns. Will our characters be able to vote without cheating?


Who is this project for?

This is a family theatrical comedy that seeks through the moral to encourage parents and school children to pay attention to our political, democratic events and mainly to make an informed vote.

Winning Work of the I Contest of Unpublished Children's Dramaturgy of the Teatro Popular Melico Salazar

Winning project of the 2021 Proartes Fund for the performing arts



Dramaturgy and direction: Allan Fabricio Pérez

General Production: Insomniac Art


Hare: Luis Ernesto Solis

Raccoon: Esteban Mora

Monkey: Javier Mendoza

Character of a forgotten comedy: Álvaro López

Costume designer: Malory Cricket

Clothing design: Diana Elizondo

Music: Rodrigo Oviedo and Javier Mendoza

Design and making of masks: Sofía Benavides

Photography: Hellen Hernandez

Advertising video: Morales Photo and Video

Set design: Daniel Bermúdez

Set design: Sofia Benavides

The project is part of the social discontent towards politics and the rise in the line of electoral abstentionism according to the reports of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (2019) and the surveys of the Center for Research and Political Studies (CIEP) of the University of Costa Rica (2019). Precisely on this subject, the dramaturgy, and with it the staging, will put into debate who should make the decisions in the social environment where the various characters coexist. Through a playful tone and the moral strategy, we seek to recognize the importance of having a critical view of public debates and government plans of those who aspire to power.

Some important information


Social discontent influences the lack of interest in participation and is reflected in the growth of the abstentionist trend, as shown by data from the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (2018). The November 2018 survey of the Center for Research and Political Studies (CIEP) of the University of Costa Rica showed record levels of pessimism about the country's situation and its course; the opinions are the most negative, at least for the last five years, since the institute carried out these opinion studies (Semanario Universidad, November 20, 2018).


The dramaturgy "The hare everything believes" arises in the context of the 2018 presidential elections as a criticism of the politicking used by various political candidates to obtain votes for government positions in Costa Rica. Specifically, it refers to the attitude of some candidates in generating promises without theoretical content or studies that prove it, solely in order to obtain votes.