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Renowned Costa Rican novel by author Lara Rios, adapted by playwright Denisse Duncan for the Terruño Espressivo Cultural Association. (2019)

Arturo Pol writes a diary, but it is not a common diary: it is a “porme-diario”. His diary is a very unique adventure in which Arturo tells us how he sees his life, his family, school; He tells us about his concerns and his funniest moments. It reminds us of that wonderful time in which the world is summed up in a soccer ball and a tree full of guavas, that time in which our mother smelled of love and “bare just out of the oven”.


Director:​​ Allan Fabricio Pérez

Playwright: Denise Duncan

Set design:Carlos Schmidt

Costume Design:​​ Malory Rojas Cricket

Wardrobe and clothing assistant: Sandy Montenegro

Illumination design: Allan Fabricio Perez

Sound design and musical composition: Elena Zuniga and Fabian Arroyo

Puppet making: Lucía González

Photography: Esteban Ramirez

Hair and makeup: Daniel González Fernández and Malory Rojas Grillo

Photographs and promotional material produced and distributed by Teatro Espressivo


Sebastian Portuguez Barrantes: Arturo Poll

Erick Cordoba Lopez: BernardoArthur's father, Religion teacher, Alberto's grandmother.

Gabriela Alfaro Castillo: Luisa  Arturo's mother, Mathematics teacher and Doña Sonia  school principal.

Yael Salazar Acuña: Liliana, mother of Alberto, girl.

Madelaine Garita Cambronero: Sunshine, girl.

Catalina Solís Mata: Ana sister of Arturo, Marcos, child.

John JosephArroyo Ugalde: Jaime brother of Arturo, Alberto, child.

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