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Rubén is a teacher at a swimming academy and is in charge of young children between the ages of 6 and 8 from a group known as “The Sea Horses”. However, several parents have complained to the director of this Center because one of the girls betrayed the teacher who apparently kissed one of the little ones. The public will live an intense story with audiovisual elements, suspense effects and a dramatic story in which guilt and fear are intertwined until the characters drown.  

Winning project of Concerted Productions of the National Theater Company in Costa Rica.  (2018)

Artistic Team

Dramaturgy: Josep María Miró

Translation: Eva Vallines


Direction: Allan Fabricio Pérez

Production, lighting and graphic design: Arte Insomne



Claudia Catania: Ana

Julio Barquero: Ruben

Benjamin Naranjo: Hector

Noël Guevara: David


Production and technical assistance: Vivian Bonilla and Luis Ernesto Solís


Scenography: Mariela Richmond

Set design: Emmanuel Zúñiga and Alejandro Méndez


Costumes: Noelia Cruz and Daniela Valverde.

(This design project was part of the 2017 Clothing LAB).


Musical composition: Rodrigo Oviedo

Audiovisual production and video-mapping: Gustavo Abarca

Advertising photography and video: Cukoo Koo Photography


Acknowledgments: Jesús Pece (Copyright Agent), Adriana Alvarado - Casa 210 (Rehearsal Space), Mario Lynx (Sewing), Natalia Murillo (Location Assistant and Yoga Workshops), Kurt Niehaus Swim Academy (Location), Limoncello Restaurant and Gaston Fournier.

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